Trinity River Drifters


Guided Bird And Nature Watching

 on the Trinity River in Northern California

Bald Eagle in FlightOsprey on the huntGreat Blue Heron wading the riverJuvenile Bald Eagle Red Tail Hawk huntingNorthern Spotted Owl resting in tree


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Trinity River Basin Bird Watching

The Trinity River is designated a Wild and Scenic River

The list of birds in this area is almost limitless.  We see numerous mature Bald Eagles as well as juvenile Bald Eagles that have not yet acquired their renowned white head and tail.  Immature eagles are dark, and until they are about five years old, lack the distinctive white markings that make their parents so easy to identify.  They fly together as a family unit teaching their young how to hunt and fish along the river.  The Bald Eagle can have a wing span of up to 8 feet across.  Bald Eagles have a lifespan of over 30 years.  We have seen and observed the huge nests that the bald eagles live and hatch their young along the river.   Bald Eagle nests can be up to 9 feet wide and weigh up to 1000 lbs. They are a spectacular sight that almost nothing can compare. 

Ospreys are also plentiful along the river, perched in trees watching for their next catch. The Osprey is second only to the Bald Eagle for their fishing skills along the Trinity River. They build their nests in the top of dead trees and are easy to spot. It is really a great sight to see the Osprey and Eagles interact and fight for their territory on the river.

Egrets and Great Blue Herons are also numerous and seen daily. They are seen wading and fishing all along the river. As you float down the river they fly by and give a prehistoric screech that is hard to forget. The sound can send a chill down your spine and be quite alarming if you are not aware of their presence.

Red Tail Hawks and Peregrine Falcons are also seen regularly. They fish and hunt small prey along the waterways of the Trinity River.

Canadian Geese are plentiful and are seen in the river and on the shores of the river as well as flying in formation above.  We often wake up to a large gaggle on our backyard enjoying the lawn and feasting on the bugs on our riverbank.

Ducks in the area include Mallards, Wood Ducks and Mergansers and are always a wonderful sight. 


 Click here to see a list of Trinity County Birds



Whether you prefer Bird Watching, Fishing or just viewing nature on a relaxing drift down the beautiful Trinity River, we can create the perfect vacation for you. 

Our 18 ft. Fiberglass Drift Boat  is much quieter on the river than aluminum boats.  It is equipped with 2 standing platforms and seating for 3 guests for maximum stability and viewing while drifting down the river.

We also have a 14 ft. Guide Raft for your comfort and safety.  During Winter Season Bald Eagles are at their peak here. Other Guide Services can't go down the river because of high river flows but our Guide Raft is stable to take on the high water. We can take you down canyons that cannot be reached by truck allowing you to view areas that are not accessible by most means. 

We can customize your trip to include a day of

Guided Bird and Nature Watching

along with a day of Rafting, Kayaking or Personal Pontoon Boat

 fishing to complete your perfect vacation. 


We can set up accommodations at many local hotels for your

convenience, as well as reservations at one of our

great local restaurants. 


See Rates & Services page 


Call or email us at:

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